Vanessa Kay - My Personal Journey With Acne

A Car Accident Started My Skin Problems? 

Hello Gorgeous Star Babe,

As I sit down to write this email, my heart is filled with gratitude for each and every one of you who have joined our Star Babe community. Today, I want to open up and share a journey that brought me here – a journey that's not just about skincare, but about reclaiming our confidence, embracing our struggles, and discovering the radiant beauty within. A journey of resilience, healing, and finding beauty in every moment.


A Broken Collarbone Later.

Life often throws curveballs when we least expect them. A few years ago, I found myself in a challenging situation – I was involved in a car accident that left me physically injured and emotionally shaken. The physical pain was accompanied by emotional and financial strain. Strong medications took a toll on my body, and to add to the struggles, my skin started breaking out with big, stubborn acne bumps. Sleepless nights became the norm, as resting my face felt like lying on a bed of thorns. (Keep reading for pictures!) The road to recovery was tough, marked with challenges that tested my strength and determination. Through this experience, I learned the true meaning of resilience and the power of self-care.

The Turning Point:

My self-esteem took a hit, and desperation began to take over. I was prescribed powerful medication for my acne, but fear held me back from taking it. That's when a spark ignited within me – a determination to heal my skin the natural way, not just for myself but for others who might be on a similar journey. Amidst the struggles, I discovered my passion for skincare. The process of healing and rebuilding my body ignited a curiosity about nurturing and caring for my skin. As I delved into the world of skincare, I realized that it was not just about external beauty, but also about self-love and acceptance. 

The Path of Learning:

I enrolled in a Medical Aesthetics Program, a decision that would change my life forever. Through this journey of learning, one thing stood out like a beacon of hope – the power of natural active ingredients in skincare. The notion of nurturing our skin with the goodness of nature resonated deeply with me.

The Healing Begins:

I embarked on a personal mission to heal my skin, to nurture it with ingredients that Mother Earth provides. The transformation was not just skin-deep; it was a healing of the soul, a journey back to self-love and confidence. I even began doing what I loved to do prior to the skin troubles - my makeup! If you suffer from acne you probably know how disheartening it can be to apply makeup. Not only because it can be painful, but because of how makeup can lay on your breakouts.

True. Unedited Pictures.

Now I know these aren’t the best quality pictures, but I had to dig deep for makeup-less pictures! As you can imagine (or maybe you know), when you have acne or acne scars you can be self conscious about showing off your skin in public. But alas, we see progress!

I know this is a makeup picture, but makeup cant hide texture. You can see I still have scars, but the major breakouts are gone! Look closely and you’ll still see scars underneath it all.

A Dream Unveiled:

The desire to help others achieve great skin led me to take a bold step – opening up my own Spa. It became a safe haven where people could come to heal, to feel beautiful, and to be understood.

Iluminar Skin Is Born:

This journey culminated in the creation of something truly special – Iluminar Skin.

A brand rooted in natural ingredients and the belief that great skin comes from embracing our uniqueness. A line of skincare products that not only address skin concerns but also embody the power of nature and self-empowerment. Each product is a reflection of my journey – a journey from adversity to authenticity, from skin struggles to radiant confidence.

Present Day - Radiant Skin and Renewed Hope:


Today, I'm on a path of recovery and self-discovery. My skin, much like my spirit, has gone through its own transformation. Through Iluminar Skin's commitment to using natural botanical extracts and our belief in #plantpower, I've witnessed firsthand the magic of embracing imperfections and nurturing our skin with kindness.

A Message of Unity:

Today, as you join our Iluminar Skin family, know that you're not alone in your struggles. I understand the fears, the doubts, and the longing for skin that reflects the beauty you feel within. Together, we are on a path of transformation, of embracing our uniqueness and learning to love ourselves fiercely. Thank you for being a part of this journey. Let's embark on this adventure together, and as we do, remember that your skin is a canvas of stories, a testament to your strength and resilience.


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