Our Mission

We believe in #plantpower and that beautiful skin can be achieved naturally. Our mission is to help every customer love the skin they’re in with our beautifully crafted, botanically infused products. 

Iluminar Skin came about from founder, Vanessa Kay’s, love for all things beauty. Vanessa struggled with acne post a motor vehicle accident in 2015 that left her with a broken collarbone. She tried everything and nothing seemed to work on her skin, until she came across naturally based skincare. Vanessa then went on to graduate as a Medical Aesthetician in 2016.

Iluminar means “to illuminate” in Brazilian Portuguese- Vanessa’s first language. Whenever she helps someone achieve their best skin possible, she describes the person as being “illuminated” as if something bright has lit up in them! That’s why she decided to name her brand Iluminar Skin – she wishes to bring out “the light” in everyone by helping them achieve great skin!

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