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Iluminar Skin

Vanilla Musk – Body Frosting Foaming Sugar Scrub

Vanilla Musk – Body Frosting Foaming Sugar Scrub

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All Skin Types

Indulge in our Body Frosting Foaming Body Scrubs, the ultimate treat your skin’s been craving! These scrubs are more than just exfoliators—they’re a 2-in-1 dream with a gentle cleanser base. Watch them work their magic as they exfoliate, cleanse, and bid farewell to dead skin, dirt, and excess oils, leaving behind nothing but pure, smooth, and clean perfection.

Unveil a world of bright, smooth, and soft skin with our Body Frosting Foaming Body Scrubs. These scrubs are designed to give your skin the ultimate care it deserves while turning your shower into a luxurious escape. Perfect for all skin types, they offer gentle yet effective

Scent: An exotic, enticing scent. Creamy vanilla meets spicy musk. 

8 oz | 226 g

  • Toxin Free
  • Botanical Ingredients
  • Cruelty free
  • Science Backed Ingredients
  • Small Batch Made
  • Medical Aesthetician Formulated
  • Canadian Made
  • Woman Owned
  • Minority Owned
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More About Me

Recommended for: All skin types
– - Strawberry Skin (KP)
- Dull & Dry Skin
- Pigmentation
- Uneven texture & Tone
- Strawberry Skin

Texture: Soft Cream Like Scrub
Natural · Ethical · Eco-friendly • No Nasty Synthetics • Cruelty-Free · Vegan • Plant-Based • Ethical Trade • No Soy Added • No Fillers • Nontoxic • Food-Grade • No Gluten Added • pH Optimized • Scientifically-Proven Ingredients • Therapeutic • Zero-Waste + Plastic-Negative • Woman-Owned • Minority-Owned • Small Batch

Why You'll Love It

Exfoliate and Cleanse: These Body Frostings offer the perfect blend of exfoliation and cleansing, removing dead skin cells and impurities while leaving your skin clean and refreshed.

Hydration and Nourishment: Packed with vegetable glycerin and sunflower seed oil, these scrubs ensure your skin gets the moisture and nutrients it needs to stay healthy and radiant.

Luxury Experience: The creamy, foaming base transforms your shower into a lavish experience, turning your daily routine into a moment of indulgence.

Lingering Scent: Enjoy a delightful, long-lasting fragrance that leaves you feeling confident and refreshed all day.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:
Sugar: Gently exfoliates the skin, helping to remove dead skin cells and reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.

Vegetable Glycerin: A humectant that locks in moisture, ensuring your skin stays hydrated and soft.

Sunflower Oil: A light, non-greasy oil that absorbs easily into the skin without blocking pores. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E, it nourishes and protects the skin.

Luxurious Soap Base: Gently cleanses the skin and foams up for a luxurious shower experience.

PRO TIP: you can also use this as shaving cream for an ultra-smooth finish!

DISCLAIMER: *For external use only. Keep out of reach from children. Avoid contact with eyes. These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. If you are under medical care, pregnant, or have any health problems talk to your doctor before using natural skincare products. If allergic reaction occurs, Iluminar Skin can not be liable. Patch tests are always recommended prior to use. All facts, details & recommendations are provided for information only and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any diseases.

How To Use

- Take a generous amount of Body Frosting Foaming Body Scrub and apply it to damp skin.
- Gently massage in circular motions, focusing on areas that need extra attention, such as elbows, knees, and rough patches.
- Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat your skin dry. For an even smoother finish, use as a shaving cream!
- Follow with our Hydra Cream Intense Hydration Body Cream, Body Souffle Whipped Body Butter or Luxe Glow Body Oil.

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Sugar, Vegetable Glycerin, Sodium Coco Isethionate, Water, Cocomidopropyl Betaine, Sunflower Seed Oil, Stearic Acid, Skin Safe & Paraben Free Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid, Skin Safe Mica

*Ingredients may change over time. Please always check the label of your product when received*


Does this product have oil?
This product does contain Sunflower Seed Oil.

I have sensitive skin, will this product work for me?
As with all our products, we recommend always doing a patch test. Our products are formulated with sensitive skin in mind, however to be sure, please perform a patch test!

Can I use this scrub on my face?
This scrub is meant for the body only and should be avoided on the delicate facial area.